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<tc>Everywhere Premium 28l</tc> Baby bundle

The most modular backpack in the world

Everywhere Premium 28l (color) – grey
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✔️ More order and flexibility on your trips

✔️ Your business and travel backpack in one

✔️ Suitable for hand luggage

✔️ 100% finest handcraft in Germany

✔️ Rainproof

2 year guarantee on our products Free return shipping in Germany
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&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle
&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle
&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle
&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle
&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle
&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle
&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle
&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle
&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle
&lt;tc&gt;Everywhere Premium 28l&lt;/tc&gt; Baby bundle

Product details


Discover the LiWAVE Everywhere Premium 28L as a baby bundle - the perfect solution for new parents like you who always want to be well equipped to care for your baby on the go. This well-thought-out bundle consists of four intelligently designed modules that make life with your baby easier and more organized.

The Universal Module M is your indispensable companion for quick diaper changes. Here you will find space fordiapers, wet wipes, baby pads and everything you need for your baby's hygiene on the go. No more searching for important utensils in the rush.

The module for other diapers and baby clothes ensures that you always have enough spare diapers and clothes for your baby at hand. And don't forget to leave a little space for spare clothes for you and your partner - after all, something can go wrong.

The bottle module enables you to transport baby bottles and food safely and cleanly. Perfect for on the go when your baby gets hungry.

And finally the Universal module S – here you can store accessories, snacks, personal items or similar. This module can be used flexibly and adapts to your needs.

In addition, you can use the backpack's spacious laptop compartment for children's books or other important things for your baby. So you always have everything you need at hand.

With the LiWAVE backpack baby bundle, you can go on an adventure with your baby not only in style, but also well equipped. Everything you need for you and your baby is stored safely and well organized. Enjoy your time with your baby without constantly looking for important things.


· Handmade in Germany (Minden)

· Materials from the region

· Suitable for hand luggage

· Water-repellent materials

· Laptop compartment up to 17"

· Weight without modules: 1300g

· Weight with modules: 2300g

· Volume: 28 liters

· Dimensions (LxWxH): 20cm x 33cm x 50cm

· Large opening for easy packing

· Quick access to contents through side opening

· Maximum storage options

scope of delivery

· LiWAVE Everywhere Premium 28L Backpack

· Universal module M

· Baby clothes module

· Baby bottle module

· Universal module S

· 2 door hooks

Perfect overview

With clearly organized baby utensils life with your little darling becomes so much easier. You always have bottles, a change of clothes and diapers ready to hand, without the hassle of searching. Our products ensure that everyday life with your baby runs smoothly

Everything is under control

Thanks to perfect organization you are always prepared and can enjoy the precious time with your baby to the fullest. More time for cuddly moments, less stress when looking for baby supplies - that's the true luxury of being a parent.

Modules included in the Baby Bundle

Our Baby Bundle has been carefully put together to ensure you get the best possible experience right from the start in the configuration that's right for you.

  • baby bottle

    Our bottle module is the answer to the needs of parents who always want to be well prepared when on the go. It allows bottles and baby food to be transported safely so that your little one can be fed at any time. Whether you're going on a trip or traveling, this module gives you the peace of mind that you always have everything at hand when your baby is hungry.

  • Baby clothes

    Our baby clothing module - the smart solution to keep baby equipment organized and ready to hand. With its three separate compartments, this module offers the perfect storage option for baby's change of clothes, diapers, burp cloths and even a change of shirt for parents.

  • Module M

    Discover our versatile universal module size M, which offers the perfect solution for storing electronics, cosmetics, underwear, hygiene products, personal items and much more. With this practical size, contents can be stored for any occasion.

  • Module S

    Use it, for example, as a toiletry bag, travel first aid kit or to store smaller electronics such as charging cables or personal items. The compact size allows you to always keep things organized and close at hand.

Therefore <tc>LiWAVE</tc>

  • vision

    With LiWAVE we are shaping a future full of freedom, spontaneity and efficiency.

    As a pioneer for simple solutions in all situations, we stand for innovation and responsibility. Our vision is global, but we act locally.

  • Quality

    We attach great importance to quality, careful production and comprehensive service to guarantee you a reliable and long-lasting companion.

  • innovation

    Bei LiWAVE arbeiten wir jeden Tag daran, deinen Alltag einfacher zu gestallten. Mit innovativen Ideen, modularen Konzepten und Liebe zum Detail entwickeln wir Produkte, die dein Leben besser machen.

Everywhere Travel Bundle

Order your perfect travel companion today

Discover our high-quality modular travel backpack in various designs and sizes and order your perfect travel companion today. Our modular backpack is available in two attractive designs - the timeless Classic design and the elegant premium design. Choose between sizes 28L and 38L to adapt the backpack to your individual needs. With the color options blue, black and gray you can also express your personal style.

Order the modular travel backpack and experience the perfect combination of style and functionality

Our modular travel backpack not only offers a well-thought-out design, but also first-class quality. Made from durable materials and carefully crafted, it guarantees longevity and functionality at the highest level. The intelligent module system allows you to adjust the backpack as you wish and use different modules to optimally organize your personal items. Order your own modular travel backpack now and experience the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Order your modular travel backpack conveniently online: Choose design, size and color

The ordering process for our modular travel backpack is simple and convenient. Simply select your preferred design, the appropriate size and the color of your choice and add the backpack to your shopping cart. You can then complete your order via our secure checkout and look forward to fast delivery. With our modular travel backpack you are well prepared for your next trip. Order now and experience the practical versatility of our backpack.