Modular backpacks as employee gifts

Probably the most modular backpack in the world for Business & Travel is a special (advertising) present for customers and employees. What could be nicer than having your own logo carried around the world on the backs of many people?

Your logo on a product that stands for innovation, sustainability and social commitment and offers flexibility, order and freedom for the wearer at all times.

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High quality on the outside or inside

Your logo - your corporate backpack

Your logo can be placed directly at the front and is therefore always prominently visible.

Alternatively, a flag with your logo can be sewn into the interior area and is therefore more discreetly integrated.

Modular backpacks for order and efficiency in every situation

One backpack - many possibilities: In the future you will only need a single backpack, which can be adapted to any life situation thanks to its modularity and functionality. No suitcase that wastes space most of the year, no extra sports bag, no extra work bag - a LiWAVE for every occasion.

Tab collage

  • Travel and short trips

  • Off to the office

Discover the LiWAVE in the Travel Bundle and experience the ultimate travel experience.

The travel bundle is put together to offer you worry-free travel as well as long-lasting order. Thanks to the intelligent design, you always have an overview of the contents and have access to your most important items at any time. No more annoying lugging or pulling of heavy suitcases - our modular travel backpack offers
you maximum mobility and flexibility

Our business bundle offers you modular equipment to navigate efficiently and effortlessly through everyday work. The compiled modules for organizing paperwork, folders and other electronics ensure structured work and protect your valuable documents. Experience the unbeatable advantages of a well-organized and professional appearance - with the LiWAVE business bundle you are ready for every challenge in your professional life.

We help with your challenges

We know the typical goals in the “People & Culture” area:

  • Increase employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Make onboarding an experience
  • Reach for employer branding create 
  • Support employees in everyday work/New Work 
  • Integrate sustainability 


Modular backpacks

Our innovative module system combines business, travel and more in one product.

  • Design: Everywhere Premium

  • Theme: Everywhere <tc>Classic</tc>

Our premium designs: Where elegance meets functionality! Every detail has been carefully crafted to underline your style and aspirations. Experience the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance. With our premium designs you show your class on every occasion!

Timeless elegance in focus: Our minimalist Classic design. Clean lines, simple beauty - perfect for those who know that less is often more. Rely on timeless sophistication and let your sense of style shine. With our minimalist Classic design you bring timeless class into your everyday life.

Many companies already trust us

Personalized LiWAVEs to increase employer attractiveness

  • Volksbank Herford-Mindener Land eG

  • WAGO Foundation

Incorporated into a welcome package as part of the onboarding of new employees, the LiWAVE contributes to long-term employee loyalty.

Volksbank Herford-Mindener Land eG has for the new Trainees LiWAVEs ordered (see photo). This not only generated a very positive response from the trainees, but was also played out on social media channels to strengthen the employer image

“We were looking for a product for the main prize of our Makeathon that fits both the future-oriented concept of the event and the modern realignment of the WAGO Foundation - with LiWAVE we have found exactly the right thing: a high-quality and sustainable product Innovation from an inspiring startup. We

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Employee gifts are not only a gesture of appreciation, but also a key to increasing employee morale. They show that their hard work and dedication is recognized. This strengthens the feeling of togetherness in the team, promotes motivation and increases productivity. Employee gifts create a positive work environment and help create long-term relationships and loyal employees 

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