Experience Premium quality for your travels

Darum LiWAVE

  • Ideal fürs Handgepäck

    Stressfrei und schnell durch die SIcherheitskontrolle

  • Perfekter Überblick

    Jeder Inhalt immer und überall blitzschnell erreichbar

  • Mehr Platz für Dich

    LiWAVE aufhängen und wertvollen Raum gewinnen

  • Premium Qualität garantiert

    Robustes, wasserfestes und hochqualitatives Material

  • Klarer Preisvorteil dank Modularität

    Einen LiWAVE statt unzählige Koffer und Taschen

  • Flexibilität und Vielseitigkeit

    Module nach Bedarf wechseln, z.B. von Reise zu Business

  • Werde zum Ordnungsheld

    Mit dem modularen System behältst du stets die Ordnung

  • Komfortables Ein- und Auspacken

    Bequem aufhängen und blitzschnell packen

<tc>LiWAVE</tc> simply explained

  • <tc>LiWAVE</tc> + modules

  • The Fidlock system

  • Insert modules

  • Hang up the backpack

  • Your perfect backpack

Our LiWAVE is available in different colors, sizes and designs. The usable modules allow you to adapt the LiWAVE perfectly to your needs.

Magnetic Fidlock attachment points in the LiWAVE enable the easy attachment of tailor-made organization modules, so you can adapt it flexibly to any situation.

With one move you can transform your LiWAVE into an organizational miracle! Thanks to magnetic attachment points, our organizer modules can be easily attached to different places.

Our modular backpack makes life easier! Simply hang it on the doorr using the hooks provided and all your things will be within reach without you having to bend down. Discover the ultimate comfort!

The combination of LiWAVE and order modules is ingenious. You have full control and can flexibly customize your LiWAVE . Perfectly organized and time-saving for the office, sports or travel – your clever, practical companion.

Different modules for every occasion

Using additional modules, you can easily expand and optimally organize your LiWAVE for any occasion. Enjoy maximum flexibility and tailor-made solutions for every situation.

To the modules

The basic functions of your <tc>LiWAVE</tc>

  • Open and close

  • Side compartments

  • Laptop compartment

  • material

Thanks to the all-round zipper, the LiWAVE can be fully opened and hung on a suitable device such as a door.

Four side compartments for quick access can be accessed particularly quickly thanks to the all-round zipper.

In the inner back there is a padded laptop compartment for devices up to 17" in size.

Our LiWAVE is made of robust, waterproof Cordura material. This means it can withstand heavy rain and intensive everyday use.

Discover the variety of modular backpacks

Immerse yourself in the versatility of our modular backpack - the ideal companion for every occasion. This innovative backpack combines functionality and style in a unique concept. With just one movement you can remove and replace individual modules to adapt your backpack to different occasions in no time. No more need for many different backpacks or bags - one backpack that adapts to all your needs.

Modular backpack for a variety of purposes

Our modular backpack offers a wide range of possible uses. Whether in everyday life, when traveling, in the office, on trips with your baby or while gaming - thanks to our interchangeable modules, this backpack adapts flexibly to your needs. This modular system allows you to use a single backpack for multiple purposes while also saving space. No matter whether you need plenty of storage space for work documents or travel essentials or prefer a compact backpack for leisure activities - our modular backpack always keeps you organized.

Practical and stylish: the modular backpack

Our modular backpack is not only extremely practical but also stylish. High-quality materials and well-thought-out design guarantee that this backpack cuts an excellent figure in every situation. Say goodbye to boring standard backpacks and discover the individuality of our modular system. Expand your collection of modules and design your backpack according to your personal style. With
our modular backpack you are well prepared for whatever life has in store for you. Experience the limitless flexibility and
unique style of modular backpacks.