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Everyone and Everywhere

The future of travel

Our LiWAVEs are not ordinary backpacks, but an innovative, modular backpack system, perfect for your flexible lifestyle. Very versatile, from travel to the office or sport.

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Our innovation LiWAVE has taken the world by storm! Over 58 million people worldwide are impressed by his lightning-fast and organized packing . Immerse yourself in the fascination of the LiWAVE and discover how our founder Helge shows in an exciting explanatory video how effortlessly he equips the LiWAVE hanging on a door. Find out why the LiWAVE is the choice of millions - experience the future of efficient packing!

Why <tc>LiWAVE</tc>?

  • Modular backpack

  • Regional materials

  • Fair handwork

  • innovative solutions

  • Made in Germany

Conventional suitcases and bags

are the problem...

Carrying heavy suitcases can make the start of a trip a real challenge. The weight not only makes pulling or lifting laborious, but also particularly physically demanding as soon as there are stairs on the way. But that's just where the problems begin.

When they arrive at the hotel, many travelers are greeted with a bad surprise: a mess in their suitcase. During transport, items of clothing became wrinkled, liquids leaked and the carefully folded outfit resembled a mess. The search for a specific item becomes a treasure hunt.

The <tc>LiWAVE</tc>

...is the solution

With the LiWAVE you have your hands free to explore the world. Stroll through narrow streets, climb stairs and weave through crowds effortlessly while carrying your luggage safely on your back.

Packing has never been so easy. Our innovative, modular backpack system opens up a completely new dimension of travel for you. At a glance you have access to everything, without having to dig through all the content. Swap the modules and adapt the backpack to your needs.

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Modular backpacks

Order in every situation

  • Travel and short trips

  • Off to the office

  • Off to the gaming event

  • On the go with your child

Discover the LiWAVE in the Travel Bundle and experience the ultimate travel experience.

The travel bundle is put together to offer you worry-free travel as well as long-lasting order. Thanks to the intelligent design, you always have an overview of the contents and have access to your most important items at any time. No more annoying lugging or pulling of heavy suitcases - our modular travel backpack offers you maximum mobility and flexibility.

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Our Business Bundle offers you modular equipment to efficiently and effortlessly
navigate through everyday work. The compiled modules
for organizing paperwork, folders and other electronics ensure structured work and protect your valuable documents. Experience the unbeatable advantages of a well-organized and professional appearance - with the LiWAVE business bundle you are ready for every challenge in your professional life.

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With the specially developed Gaming Bundle you can transform the backpack into your gaming center. The bundle includes a module for keyboard, mouse and mouse pad as well as a practical compartment for other gaming electronics such as headphones. An additional smaller module allows you to store other small items or personal utensils in an orderly manner. With the 17" laptop compartment in the back of the backpack, you have quick access to your gaming hardware at all times.

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Discover the versatile world of the LiWAVE backpack with our practical Baby Bundle. Transform your LiWAVE into a stylish changing backpack and be well equipped for on the go. In contrast to
conventional diaper bags, with the LiWAVE you always keep an overview and order - no more annoying rummaging and searching for the necessary utensils - especially when things have to be done quickly.

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our top seller

our mission

  • 1. Designed for you

  • 2. Quality from the region

  • 3. Looking into the future

We understand that every day brings different challenges. This is how we developed the LiWAVE, which integrates seamlessly into your life and can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

We only use high-quality and robust materials from the region for our products to ensure longevity and functionality. Every step in production is carried out with the utmost precision and attention to detail so that we can guarantee a product of the highest quality. Production in Germany in our own factory is very important to us.

We are always striving to further develop and optimize our products. We really value our customers' suggestions so that we can cover more situations in life step by step. If you have a request, please contact us at any time.

Thats what our customers say

"Thank you very much again for a great idea and its implementation and of course for the prompt completion of my order. My family and I are thrilled with the LiWAVES!"

Jürgen G.

"Hello dear LiWAVE team, the handover took place at the weekend and my husband is completely thrilled ;-) I am also impressed by the external look, the LiWAVE harmonizes with business as well as casual clothing."

Andrea K.

"The LiWAVE has become an important companion in my everyday life. Whether shopping, a weekend trip or a business meeting - I can use the LiWAVE in every situation. Thanks to Moritz and Helge for this wonderful invention."

Jens W.

Welcome to <tc>LiWAVE</tc>!

Welcome to LiWAVE. We are proud to be able to offer you high-quality, modular backpacks that are perfectly tailored to the needs of modern life. Our mission is to provide you with unique products that offer you flexibility, comfort and style, whether when traveling, in everyday life or in business.

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A dedicated team for you: At LiWAVE we not only stand for first-class products, but also for excellent service. Our dedicated team is available to help you with any questions, concerns or individual requests. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an in-house repair service should something not go as expected. Immerse yourself in the world of LiWAVE and discover the freedom, functionality and elegance of our backpacks for men and women.

Discover the benefits of our modular Everywhere Backpack backpack system

Discover the advantages of a LiWAVE backpack: outstanding quality, intelligent functionality and a timeless design. Each of our backpacks is manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail to provide you with long-lasting and reliable companionship. Are you on the go a lot, value order and organization or are you simply looking for a stylish backpack for men and women? With LiWAVE you will find the perfect backpack for your individual requirements.

Our modular backpacks are the ultimate companion for a flexible lifestyle. The versatility is unbeatable, because your LiWAVE effortlessly transforms from a travel-friendly all-rounder to a stylish office accessory or a practical sports companion.

With its intelligent organizational structure and individually adaptable modules, it ensures that everything is always tidy and ready to hand . Use your LiWAVE as a travel backpack, business backpack, gaming backpack or changing backpack.

At the same time it offers maximum comfort, ergonomic details and a durable construction. Our backpacks are designed for durability and therefore sustainability and will last for many years thanks to robust materials and well-thought-out design. All in all, they combine style, functionality and adaptability and are the ideal choice for anyone who doesn't want to make compromises in their hectic everyday life.